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Fentanyl mixed with cocaine or meth is driving the 4th wave of the overdose crisis reported by NPR.

Cambridge, MA | Sept 2023

Fentanyl mixed with cocaine or meth is driving the '4th wave' of the overdose crisis as reported by NPR's Morning Edition.

The mixture of stimulants like cocaine and meth with highly potent synthetic opioids is a fast-growing driver of fatal overdoses in the U.S.

Since 2010, overdoses involving both stimulants and fentanyl have increased 50-fold, and now account for 32% of U.S. overdoses in 2021 and nearly 35,000 deaths, according to a study published Thursday in the scientific journal Addiction.

However, treatments for stimulant use disorder are still rare and underfunded.

Clear Scientific's mission is pioneering novel therapies for life-threatening and debilitating conditions caused by an excess of harmful substances in the body. Our focus is to develop therapies that reverse and treat overdose giving hope to this crisis and beyond. Remove the Cause, Remove the EffectTM

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