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CS Inc. presents at 2024 Rx and Illicit Drug Summit.

Atlanta, GA | April 1, 2024

Clear Scientific presented a poster titled: Hope in Methamphetamine Addiction and Overdose, Authors: P. Oliver, C. Leggett, M. Vara, A. Mager, X. Li, M. Zakin, S. Shetty, at the 2024 Rx and Illicit Drug Summit ( The poster outlined CS Inc.’s approach using a novel sequestrant CS-1103 to treat methamphetamine use disorder, particularly overdose. The immediate sequestration of methamphetamine leads to rapid draining of methamphetamine from the brain, reversing its toxic physiological and behavioral effects within minutes. CS-1103 also accelerates clearance of methamphetamine from plasma into urine, performing rapid detoxification of the patient; “Remove the Cause, Remove the Effect.” CS-1103 is currently in Phase 1 Clinical Trials.


About Clear Scientific

Clear Scientific is a Cambridge, MA-based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for life-threatening and debilitating conditions caused by an excess of harmful substances in the body. CSInc is working closely with our co-founder Prof. George Whitesides at Harvard University, who pioneered the development of modern sequestrant-based therapeutics, and leading physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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