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Clear Scientific joins Dr. Lev on High Truths to discuss therapeutics for the meth overdose crisis.

Boston, MA | Sept 2022

There is an urgent need for a safe rapidly acting antidote for methamphetamine. Meth is the fastest growing drug of abuse in the U.S., representing over 798,000 annual emergency department visits, with deaths increasing 14-fold since 2015 (32,856 deaths in 2021 alone), yet no current therapeutics are available to treat meth intoxication. A therapeutic that reverses meth intoxication would save lives.

Dr. Roneet Lev is an emergency and addiction doctor who has served as the First Chief Medical Officer of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and practices on the frontlines. Listen as Clear Scientific’s Dr. Mitch Zakin, EVP of Innovation and Winston Henderson, VP & General Counsel discuss CS-1103, our first-in-class therapeutic to treat meth overdose:

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